Fireside Christmas: "The show’s closing number, “O Holy Night,” features soloist Taylor Coriell, a stunning soprano, who is joined by the entire entourage for a roof-raising rendition of this dramatic hymn. A standing ovation follows." ~Julie McHale, Greater Milkwaukee/TimeOut

The 25th Annual... Spelling Bee:  "Taylor Coriell (as Olive Ostrovsky)... convey[s] a significant portion of [her] characters' foibles via comedic movement alone... The seduction of the audience was largely due to a spate of fresh-faced talent. Their infectious energy and crisply fleshed out character quirks grab the ribald humor by the horns and unapologetically ride it for all it's worth." ~Candace Chaney, Herald-Leader

Scrooge! the Musical: "Taylor Coriell plays both Isabel and Helen with fun, lively characterizations, allowing subtle distinctions between the two spunky ingénues, and she serves the music beautifully with a fresh soprano voice." ~Tedrin Blair-Lindsay, Herald-Leader