A redhead who hails from Kentucky, Taylor Coriell is a New York-based actor, writer, director, and producer. A two-time finalist for the Sundance/YouTube New Voices Lab for her digital series You’re The Pest and Coming For You, her mission as a filmmaker is to create comedic content featuring interesting and complicated characters for women, POC, and members of the LGBTQIA community. Her series, You're The Pest, received a spot in Big Vision, Empty Wallet's Kickstart Diversity incubator, premiered its first full season in Spring 2018, and is currently making the rounds on the national and international festival circuit.

Armed with a degree in vocal performance, and training in sketch/improv from UCB, Taylor frequently appears in festivals and readings around New York City, ranging from ten minute play festivals at The Signature, to the recent Trump parody musical, Me The People, to singing her favorite ditties at the Broadway Comedy Club.  Her next project in the city is really super exciting but she's not allowed to talk about it til the producers give her the all clear, so stay tuned and get ready.

Taylor recently dipped her toe into the waters of directing with the pilot episode of Step Into My Office with award-winning creator Misha Calvert, as well as the pilot of Run Ins with Pitch Her Productions' Episodic Lab.  She also recently joined the writing team for the second season of the award-winning webseries, Redheads Anonymous, and is currently developing several new projects on her own!

Despite her hatred of pumpkin spice lattes, she REALLY likes other basic things like baking cupcakes and going to brunch. Taylor would describe her spirit animal as 50% Kimmy Schmidt and 50% that lady who takes airplane lavatory selfies in the Flemish Renaissance style.

Taylor is currently seeking legit and commercial representation.